Family Empowerment Scholarship

Family Empowerment Scholarships are publicly funded scholarships to help families send their child to a participating private school.

Does my child qualify?

To be eligible for this program, your child met at least one of the following criteria:

  • Has an IEP or diagnosed disability as defined by Florida law;
  • Is currently or in the last year was in foster care or out-of-home care;
  • Parent is active-duty military; or
  • Family’s household income is within program limits.
  • Qualifying through a diagnosed disability or IEP:

    The average scholarship amount for a student who has a disability or IEP varies by the student’s education needs, grade level and school district. Families of students with disabilities can pay for a variety of education services, including, but not limited to: private school tuition; tutoring; specialized services like occupational, physical or speech therapy; specialized after-school and summer programs; and instructional materials. Students as young as 3 can qualify for a scholarship.

    Qualifying through military, sibling or foster care:

    The average scholarship amount for students who qualify and do not have an IEP or disability varies by grade level and district. Students can use their scholarship as early as Kindergarten. The scholarship can pay for private school tuition and fees, and digital devices and connectivity if needed.